Buffing is like a deep clean for your floor. It "exfoliates" the top layer of the floor to reveal its original glossy beauty and shine. With the right tools, you can buff most floor types, like vinyl, wood tile, and laminate.

Strip and Sealing

The benefits of applying a high quality floor sealer system to a floor are both the protection and enhancement of what is a valuable asset. Floors are exposed to unrelenting abrasion from foot and trolley traffic, spillages and dirt which, without protection, can cause dulling of floor surface and even wear it away. Once coated with a suitable sealer, the floor is protected from these threats. Furthermore, the surface becomes easy to clean with soil readily washed away, the colors of the floor are enhanced and the floor will have a higher and more even shine. By implementing a full protection system using complimentary sealers and maintenance products, this protection and enhancement will last a long time.

Scrub and Buff

To scrub a floor, means to rub and brush the surface of a floor, so that you can remove things like dirt and grime from it with the appropriate cleaning solution for floors that are especially dirty, scrubbing them is the best possible choice. The reason for this is that, when you scrub a floor, you are often using a brush that has been designed to loosen up and remove things like dirt and grime ensuring that it looks far nicer than it previously did then followed by buffing. This process is used on floors not suited to a full strip and seal or in between doing full strip and seals.

Spray Buffing

Sray Buffing uses a liquid to remove dirt from the floor and create a glossy look. It uses the polishing solution along with the mechanical action of the buffer pad to remove scuffs, level the surface, and enhance shine. This is the more common type of buffing, and its used with buffing, and it's used with buffing machines that go up to 1000RPM.

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